What is the CBD dosage for anxiety?

What is CBD Dosage For Anxiety

Many patients who suffer mood disorders such as depression and anxiety now use hemp products as an antidepressant and anxiolytic.

This is because it helps in calming and relaxing them from any type of anxiety, be it generalized or social. However, if you are contemplating using this compound to treat your present mood disorders or mental health disorder, you should consult a physician or psychiatrist for further diagnosis and approval.

In average studies shows that the required dosage for the treatment of mood disorders and anxiety is 30 to 60 mg of CBD per Day. 

But we recommend to start with small doses, because effects of CBD may vary from a person to another. Start from 9 mg- 18 -mg per Day, then increase your daily dose gradually by 5 mg a day until you feel you reach your perfect spot.
You can consult with your physician if symptoms become persistent even after use. Also, be certain you are buying from a trusted brand such as NuLeaf Naturals CBD or CBD Pure to make sure that you are using a pure form of cannabidiol during treatment. Use code premier20 for 20% off NuLeaf!

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