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Green Roads World Review and Cost

Green Roads is a major player in the CBD industry and has one of the longest track records of helping and healing people and extracting CBD oil in the industry.     They sell one of the highest concentrates of CBD oil offering pharmaceutical grade broad spectrum CBD products. I first heard of Green Roads from a friend who was using them for pain management after surgery as an alternative to prescribed opioids.    He recommended that I give them a try. I used the product for acute pain and and I must say that their products worked as advertised!  

Green Roads Background

Green Roads World was started in 2012 in Florida and has grown to be one of the most recognized brands in the industry.   They have been able to grow in such a new industry by focusing on transparency and integrity. They are a large company in the industry and have been able solidify their place by consistently delivering quality CBD  product s.  


Green Roads has one of the most wide variety of products in the industry including: 

Green Roads offers a wide range of products but for the purpose of this review we will focus on their most popular products. If you want to learn more about their products, simply visit their website.

  • CBD Oil: Green Roads’s CBD oil comes in a variety of sizes and potencies: 100mg, 250mg, 350mg, 550mg, 1000mg and 1500mg. In regards to how much you are supposed to take. According to the instructions on the bottle, you’re supposed to take their dosage twice daily. That’s if you want to achieve maximum results.
  • CBD Terpenes: If you don’t like the natural taste of the oil, you can try their CBD Terpenes. The Green Roads range come in all different flavors that include: Bluberry, Pineapple, Sour Diesel, Original, Strawberry. Each one is 100mg.
  • CBD Daily Dose: As we mentioned, Green Roads are pretty state-of-the-art and are constantly coming up with new CBD products. Their recent line is CBD daily dose, designed to fit into your busy schedule. Each syringe has approximately 50mg of Broad Spectrum CBD oil.
  • CBD Gummies and Froggies: Inside these packets you’ll find around 100mg of goodness, depending on what you order. They come in bite size candy looking shapes and recommended to consume twice a day.


  • CBD Oil: $27-$420 ($420 is for the strongest CBD oil made anywhere at 3500 mg)
  • CBD Terpenes: $37.99-$69.99 per bottle
  • CBD Topicals: $$12.99-$69.99
  • CBD Gummies: $4.99-$54.99
  • CBD For Pets :  $39.99

(updated July 2019)

We find these costs to be average to below average for other similar products

Our Verdict: 

Green Roads is a great product that we found to be reasonably priced and works great for a number of ailments.   We found it to be most affective for pain and anxiety when used regularly. Our only negative was the shipping time of 8 days. 

They have one of the biggest selection of CBDs that we have found, including one of the most potent oils available online: a 3500 mg blend!

If you’re ready to put the benefits of the powerful and natural CBD oil to work for you, now is a great time to try them out.

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