Joy Organics

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Joy Organics Review and Cost

Joy Organics is and all natural organic THC free CBD Product and is one of our most recommended brands.   They have everything from CBD tinctures to Salves and Vapes.  All of their products are broad spectrum CBD, and  they have some of the most rigorous third party testing in the market.   The only downside is because of the quality, you are paying a little bit more than some other larger brands.   They even offer products for your pets.

Joy Organics Background

When Joy Smith, the founder of Joy Organics, found herself suffering from pain and lack of sleep, like many others she turned to CBD to help naturally ease her pain and sleep issues. 

After trying several of the biggest names in CBD on the market, she was disappointed to find that only one helped her find relief. 

It was then she knew she wanted to make a difference.

Joy Organics was created to offer a CBD product that actually works. 

With a mission to help others by creating the purest organic and bioavailable broad spectrum cannabinoid products on the market that people can actually afford, Joy Organics is fulfilling exactly what they set out to do. 

With a long-term goal of becoming one of the most recognized and respected brands in the cannabis industry, the products produced by Joy Organics are designed to meet these high expectations.


Joy Organics  has one of the most wide variety of products in the industry including:

Joy Organics CBD offers a wide range of products and we will be reviewing a few of them here.  For a full list of their products, you can go here

  • CBD Oil: Joy organics tinctures or CBD oil comes in a variety of sizes and potencies:  250mg, 500mg, 1000mg, and 1500mg.  These come in several flavors including mint orange!    In regards to how much you are supposed to take. According to the instructions on the bottle, you’re supposed to take their dosage twice daily. That’s if you want to achieve maximum results.
  • CBD Soft gels: If you don’t like the taste of the oil, you can try their CBD soft gels. I recommend getting the 25mg softgels.  If you are using them for sleep, they have some that include Melatonin and some with curcumin that combat heart disease, Alzheimer’s and Cancer
  • CBD Salves: As we mentioned, Joy organics has a lot of different products.  Some of their best sellers are their salves.  They can be used for everything from arthritis to joint help.  A family member uses this product for tendonitis.  
  • CBD Gummies: Joy Organics CBD Gummies are the perfect combination of flavor and CBD. With only eight simple ingredients total, including 20mg of CBD each, each CBD gummy is created with purity in mind.


  • CBD Oil/Tinctures: $34.95 -$134.95 250mg-1500mg
  • CBD Softgels: $84.95-$99.95 per bottle of 25mg Softgel capsules
  • CBD salve: $59.95-$99-95 1oz 500mg-2oz 1000mg
  • CBD Gummies: $44.95 for a 15 pack of 20mg gumies
  • CBD For Pets :  $35.95-59.95 for Treats and tinctures (CBD Oil)

We find these costs to be a little above average, but we have a coupon for you below!

Our Verdict:

Joy Organics is a little more expensive than some of the other reviewed CBD brands on this site, but it is also one of the most effective brands there is.  The organically grown hemp and extraction method make it one of the most popular brands on the market.   That combined with the variety of products make it a definite yes in our book.                  

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